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Welcome to Learning Cryptocurrency!  While the world of cryptocurrency is still in its infancy as of 2019, there is still a fortune to be made for those who learn the basics and learn to find opportunities.  Here at Learning Cryptocurrency, we hope to provide you with enough resources to find your way and learn to invest in low priced cryptocurrency coins for massive profit.

My Story

Since 1998, I have worked in technology mostly in the field of network security and server administration.  Dabbling with computer programming, such as python, javascript, and PHP, I have also experienced what it is like to create a website, a software application, or a web application.  With that experience, when I first learned of digital currency, it piqued my interest since it used parts of computer programming and parts of IT security.

Once I realized the returns that some early investors were getting, I knew we were living in a period in history unlike never before.  The rate of returns with cryptocurrency were unlike the returns from any other type of investing in the history of the world. The average person finally had a chance to invest under a penny and then potientially see a return when coins went to a penny, a dollar, and even higher.

I am here to help as many people as possible accumulate massive wealth in the cryptocurrency world.  In most businesses, there is a mentality of scarcity, meaning keep all trade secrets and don’t share information.  With cryptocurrency, the world is so large that it doesn’t need to be kept secret.

I hope to help people learn more and earn more so they can change the lives of people around them.  Whether that means feeding homeless people, building Churches, providing youth better opportunities, or just taking more cruises around the world, I hope we can be a resource to help get you there.